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Rhythm Variety Pack

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Our Rhythm Variety Pack ensures you have the perfect Rhythm on hand for whatever the day, or night may bring. It contains 12 cans total, with 3 cans of each Rhythm Variety.

It's got Rhythm Energy for that clean energy boost. The new Rhythm Hydrate to keep you hydrated and balanced. Rhythm Recover to soothe you and Rhythm Sleep for that restful night's sleep.


Rhythm Energy, Hydrate, Sleep and Recover all have just 5 calories, 1g carbs, and zero sugar. All the flavors, colors, sweeteners are natural and plant-based.

Rhythm is also vegan, gluten free, Keto-friendly, non-GMO, and packaged in post-recycled & sustainable materials.

Our Hemp

Our broad-spectrum hemp-extract contains 0% THC and is cultivated from an outdoor hemp farm in Oregon. It has been nano-emulsified, which results in higher bioavailability and a rapid onset.

We proudly partner with advanced-infusion technology firm Vertosa to achieve the most consistent, reliable emulsions with unparalleled clarity and taste.

Lab Testing

We strongly believe in transparency.

We want to know what we put in our bodies, and we know you expect the same.

See the latest COA (Certificate of Analysis) for all Rhythm drinks on our Lab Results page.


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Rhythm beverages ship everywhere in the Continental US except Idaho and Utah.

Sorry, no shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or international destinations.