About rhythm

Ian Monat and Martin Guerrero are the CEO & co-founders of rhythm Sparkling Hemp Beverages, a functional wellness brand that crafts and sells the best-tasting, ready-to-drink beverages infused with adaptogens, superfoods and U.S. grown hemp extract. Since rhythm’s launch in August of 2020, the brand has quickly expanded into over 200 wholesale points of distribution across 20 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

Discovering the benefits of CBD

Before entering the hemp space, Monat was a wine & spirits professional by day and gigging bass player by night. In the music business, Monat was considered a ‘weekend warrior.’ His band played a lot of improvisational music and while on stage, he realized how much the clear, uplifting effects of hemp helped with mood, focus, and dexterity, but later was disappointed that every hemp-infused beverage option he tried tasted poorly or was loaded with sugar. Similarly, Guerrero enjoyed the benefits of CBD to combat his anxiety and stress, but didn't care for the form factors available to him. A conversation led to a plan, and that’s when rhythm was born. 

Focus on wellness, premium ingredients

From the onset, the goal was to not just create another sparkling water with added hemp, as there were quite a few of those on the market already. Creating a functional beverage with purpose, intention, was the goal. Knowing that consumers primarily use CBD for help with sleep, focus, anxiety, pain and inflammation, we set out to create a line of beverages that addresses each of those individual need states, and does it with a Better-For-You label. There are no corners cut or sacrifices when it comes to being sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, keto-friendly and low calorie. We always use natural ingredients and use organic ingredients when available.   

Looking ahead

We want to thank you for visiting us here and hope you'll give rhythm a try, if you haven't yet (what are you waiting for?). We believe beverages are the best way to consume CBD and that rhythm will continue to lead the way in flavor and function. Please keep in touch by subscribing to our email newsletter or by following us on Instagram at @drinkrhythm.