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Our Story


Musical Beginnings

It was 2019 in San Francisco when Ian Monat, a sommelier by day and gigging bass player by night, began to imagine a great-tasting, better for you hemp-infused seltzer. 

He already found that hemp enhanced his live music performances. The clear, uplifting effects helped with mood, focus, and dexterity.

But adding hemp tinctures to soda water tasted terrible, and the ready to drink hemp beverages on the market were loaded with sugar.


Crafting Uncompromising Quality

Ian partnered with a professional chef as well as startup investor and avid CBD user Martín Guerrero to create a healthy, better tasting, hemp-infused beverage with all natural ingredients and a clean label.

After months of mixing at the kitchen table, experimenting with dozens of flavor combinations and finding the right ingredient suppliers, the trio was triumphant and Rhythm Infused Seltzers were born.


Form Meets Function

We're thrilled to finally share Rhythm with you. Rhythm is more than a premium CBD Seltzer brand - it’s a meticulously crafted bold and bright flavor experience.

Not only do they taste great, the drinks are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, low calorie, zero sugar and contain no artificial sweeteners. 

We hope that drinking Rhythm makes your mind and body happy. All it takes is one sip to #FeeltheRhythm!

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