No Cold Feet at the San Francisco Cannabis Wedding Expo

No Cold Feet at the San Francisco Cannabis Wedding Expo

Last year when I attended the 1st ever Cannabis Drinks Expo, I realized cannabis beverages were becoming a thing. After attending today's SF Cannabis Wedding Expo , I'm equally convinced about cannabis-themed weddings, or at least the incorporation of cannabis elements in any wedding, to a much greater degree.

 If I had to sum it up into 3 words, I'd say, 'Ladies and Luxury'. The number of female-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs present was quite high, as was the number of services dedicated to decadent, luxury experiences designed to pamper you and your canna-friendly guests on your big day. 

I mean, can you get more luxurious than a $1,500, 14K gold, joint holder? Yep you read that right. Offered by Accoutrements, a female-led cannabis luxury products company at the intersection of design, cannabis, and home, decor, 'The Reign' is just one example of their product portfolio, including classy grinders and rolling trays. 

Accoutrements luxury cannabis accessories

But where do you start when planning your cannabis wedding? Not to worry, there were a number of turnkey solutions for you, like Bud Diva, with her mobile bud bar, which provides an elegant, professional, all-in-one, cannabis bar experience for your wedding or private event. 

Bud Diva Mobile Bud Bar

And no cannabis wedding would be complete without the bubbly, and that's where Viv & Oak comes in, with their beautifully-packaged bottles of cannabis-infused sparkling wine. With 50mg of THC in each bottle, you'll easily have the most memorable wedding toast amongst all of your friends. 

Viv and Oak cannabis infused wine

I suspect next year's Cannabis Wedding Expo will need to find a new venue as I can easily see it doubling in size, but most of all I couldn't help thinking, 'Why did have to get married last year!?!'