Product Review | Kikoko THC Honey Sticks

by Ian Monat

Ian Monat - Aug 09 2020 - 3 min read

Product Review: Kikoko Infused Honey 

Rhythm Product Review | Kikoko Cannabis Infused Honey Stick

Here at Rhythm HQ we love nothing more than sipping a refreshing, CBD-infused seltzer, but sometimes we want a beverage infused with CBD's fun psychedelic cousin, THC.  Living in California, we've got plenty of choices when in comes to THC beverages, but one product that's been sitting on my shelf just begging me to try it: Buzz Honey Shot by Kikoko. Shout out to Kikoko not only for being women owned, but also for being headquartered in my hometown, Oakland, CA. 

How to Kikoko

Kikoko Honey with Turmeric Ginger Tea

Tea + Honey = Goodness

One of my favorite ways to take honey is with tea, so I dug deep into my cupboard to see what tea I had left over from last winter. I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my favorites, Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea from Trader Joes. We do love Turmeric and Ginger here at Rhythm, but more on that later. I heated up some water and was off to the races. 

Kikoko Honey with Turmeric Ginger Tea

A couple things to mention before diving into the review - first, the appropriately named 'Buzz' honey shot contains 10MG of THC, which is typically my ceiling for edibles. Second, I'd been holding onto this particular honey shot since before COVID, and it was set to expire shortly. 

Packaging: The Kikoko packaging is super fun, filled with custom illustrations and bright colors that make the product enticing. It's 100% compostable too, which is a nice bonus from a sustainability perspective. 

Taste. I expect at least a trace of cannabis flavor when I consume edibles, especially on the finish. But I dabbed a little honey on my finger and tasted it before squeezing the rest into the tea and I have to say, I was impressed. Not only did it taste great, like any premium honey you'd find at a natural foods store, but there was not a hint of cannabis taste to be found.

Effects. After I made my tea I sat down to watch a movie (more on that here). The Kikoko website states the high kicks in at about 40 mins, and I found that to be true to form. I started the movie at 9:30pm and shortly after 10pm I started to notice a distinct 'Buzz' if you will. It was a mildly stimulating head high, which wasn't over the top. No anxiety or paranoia, just extra laughs from the comedy I was watching. I was actually a bit sleepy toward the end of the movie. I've been reading recently about how older THC converts to CBN, which is known for it's relaxation properties, and I'm wondering if that occurred here to a degree. 

Conclusion. I really enjoyed this product: cool packaging and branding, great taste, super versatile in terms of application (what can't you put honey on?), and a fun, heady but chill high. I would definitely recommend this honey shot and I look forward to trying other products from Kikoko such as their teas and mints.  

Rhythm CBD Seltzers has no affiliation with Kikoko

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