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Achieve Peak Performance With CBD

Wind River Range Wyoming

Rock climbing has been a passion of mine that began over 11 years ago in New England.

Whether it’s a tall imposing line up a big wall, or a short and burley boulder problem, I have no preference. Ever since I can remember I have been drawn to the physical and mental challenges climbing brings. 

Donkey Punch Kelly Canyon AZ

My obsession for climbing has taken me to some fascinating places around the world, including Arizona where I live now. What led me here was the tremendous amount of exposed rock around the Southwest, and the potential for new routes and adventures that is endless. Additionally, the weather always seems to coordinate with my outdoors plans perfectly. Rarely am I subject to wet conditions where I am forced to retreat to an indoor climbing gym or take a few days off. However, sometimes my over enthusiastic effort to climb impacts my ability to recover properly. Specifically, the excessive force put on the fingers while climbing can create significant joint swelling. This inherent aspect of rock climbing can take a toll on your body and could lead to serious injuries if you're not careful. This is what propelled my search for products that would alleviate inflammation and aid in recovery.

Today, there are tons of products out claiming to reduce inflammation or reduce pain. Some are better than others and some don’t work at all. It wasn't until a friend shared a muscle rub infused with CBD oil that I discovered for myself how effective CBD really is. I started using CBD topicals on my hands and toes after my climbing sessions from that point on, but I wanted to explore other ways it could enhance my climbing performance.

Red Rock NV

Rock climbing at a high level can bring a lot of mental stress.

CBD alleviates performance anxiety by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. The chemical messenger that promotes feelings of calmness, happiness, and well-being. I find myself able to better focus on the movements directly in front of me, instead of worrying about a hard sequence looming further up a route or boulder problem. Sometimes it’s that ability to remove self-doubt and to just execute a sequence of insecure moves that gets me to the top. CBD has been there to help me commit.

While the topicals have worked great as a moisturizer and for spot targeting pain, they lack the bioavailability that other forms of CBD provide. It’s not uncommon for a route or bouldering session to last all day. Oftentimes I look for muscle and joint pain relief but I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel and apply a greasy topical all over my knuckles. For this, I rely on Rhythm’s line of sparkling hemp infused beverages. They have four varieties, and my favorite is called Recover. This variety contains 25mg of broad-spectrum CBD, as well as organic ginger and 100mg of organic turmeric for a potent anti-inflammatory combo. It also contains an organic black pepper extract to help release key compounds from the turmeric into the body. Rhythm utilizes Monk fruit in their CBD beverages instead of table sugar or artificial sweeteners. For me, it provides a perfect amount of sweetness without the dreaded sugar crashing effects sport drinks can have. That means I can sip on a can even while I tie into my rope and not feel bloated as I pull onto the wall, just moments later. 

Red Rock NV

Regardless of what sports you participate in, consider adding CBD to your daily regime. Whether you’re looking for daily pain relief or that mental edge for stressful situations. Rhythm’s Sparkling Hemp Beverages are an effective option packed with high quality CBD that you can feel good about.

Rhythm Recover Lemon Ginger
Rhythm Recover Lemon Ginger
Rhythm Recover Lemon Ginger
Rhythm Recover Lemon Ginger
Rhythm Recover Lemon Ginger
Rhythm Recover Lemon Ginger

Rhythm Recover



Rhythm Recover is the cleanest, infused recovery drink. It's the perfect beverage to soothe, repair and revitalize.

Rhythm Recover superfood-packed sparkling beverage with 25mg of broad spectrum hemp extract, natural lemon flavor, organic ginger extract, and a highly bio-available organic turmeric root extract, which is loaded with high levels of curcumin and other beneficial curcuminoids. It's sweetened with monk fruit extract, no sugar, stevia, or artificial sweeteners.


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