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3 Reasons CBD Seltzers Can Help You Transition To Drinking Less

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Are you among the many people who reevaluated their relationship with alcohol in 2020? If so, you aren’t alone! After the chaos of this year, many people are searching for ways to take better care of their mind and body. Reducing alcohol intake is a highly impactful way to help yourself feel less anxious going into 2021.

We want to highlight 3 main reasons that a CBD seltzer can help you moderate your alcohol consumption. Keep reading to find out why!

CBD can ease the anxiety that’s driving you to drink.

Known for its soothing properties, CBD can actually help to reduce alcohol cravings. Many drinkers consume alcohol because it’s the only time they don’t feel overwhelmed with anxiety. Impacting an estimated 31% of adults, anxiety disorders are the most prominent mental health conditions in the U.S. We also know that alcohol can actually increase anxiety, especially the day after. Cutting out alcohol, and reaching for a safer alternative, will help you break the habit of needing to numb anxiety instead of facing it in an effective way!

Non-alcoholic beverages like Rhythm are providing an alternative that is committed to helping soothe that anxiety without a hangover or a headache! 

CBD Seltzers makes socializing sober less stressful.

Especially in social settings, party-goers often feel that alcohol is the only way to get through events, or have fun at social gatherings. In 2020, we’ve learned that alcohol is not necessary to socialize, and that we value human connection more than cocktails. 

If you’re trying to reduce, or cut out alcohol, your sober friends will tell you that it’s important to bring an alternative with you to social events. Having something in your hand takes the pressure off, and helps you to feel less out of place! Many people consume CBD with a tincture or a vape pen, but those are always sessionable or socially appropriate.

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Replacing your beer with a CBD-infused seltzer like Rhythm will keep your anxiety in check without the negative impacts of alcohol. No need to worry the next day about something you said while tipsy, because you chose to socialize as your true self. Also, there’s no issue driving home after knocking back a few CBD Seltzers either!

Motivated mornings will be your new favorite!

We do want to caution you that most people who experience a hangover-free morning don’t want to turn back! Trading in your usual cocktail for a CBD seltzer will allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the parts of your weekend that you’d normally spend recovering. Rhythm seltzers do not come with a required recovery period.

There is absolutely no shame in taking care of your mind and body. Imagine having a Sunday all to yourself and you’ve actually got the energy to hit that gym class or re-organize your closet. Tasks that you might normally dread because of a lack of energy are now possible!

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Developing better habits will help you cut out the bad ones. Once you see that progress, you won’t want to ruin it. CBD seltzers are the perfect transition for anyone looking to reduce their alcohol intake and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Ready to make the change? January is the perfect time

The perfect opportunity for you to test drive your dreams of being booze-free is actually right around the corner! Dry January is a month that many often use to reset and refresh for the new year. Participating in Dry January allows you to start small, and chances are you can convince a friend to do it with you! You won’t be alone in this journey.

The Dry January crew is very easy to find on social media, so you’ll have a built in support system. Just search the #dryjanuary hashtag. This is a no-pressure way to reconsider your drinking habits. Grab some Rhythm CBD Seltzer and be ready to have your best year yet!

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