Ian Monat - Jan 24 2022 - 2 min read

This is the CBD-Infused, Mule-Inspired Mocktail You've Been Waiting For

CBD Mule Mocktail

Are you a ginger drink head like me who loves a good Mule cocktail?

Same. But sometimes it's not the right time for a cocktail (Dry January has entered the chat) so you need an alternative. We got you. This mocktail is not just an alternative, it's loaded broad-spectrum hemp and organic turmeric. Did someone say superfoods? Not to mention it tastes great and is low cal. Enjoy!


3 oz Rhythm Recover
1.5 oz Vodka-inspired, citrus flavored non-alcoholic spirit
1/2 oz lime juice
Ginger Beer
Mint or lime garnish


1) Fill Mule cup with ice and begin building cocktail starting with Rhythm Recover, NA Spirit, lime juice and Ginger Beer.

2) Stir gently in the cup to combine ingredients and garnish with mint or lime wedge.

Need to pick up some Rhythm Recover to make this Mocktail and impress your friends? Just click the image below. 

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