Catching Up With Alyssa Jacey, 'the female Ed Sheeran' and 'Katy Perry of Country Music'

Alyssa Jacey with Rhythm Energy

We last spoke in October 2020. How have you been since then and what have you been up to?

That was a rough month, and an even rougher year. 2020 began with the tornado that demolished Nashville. Then the pandemic spread and all gigs were canceled. My dad’s health was up and down, as was his wife’s, whom we lost to cancer that June. That same month, my husband and I separated. Our divorce just finalized in April 2022 and to call that process cataclysmic would be putting it lightly. At the same time that summer, I was misdiagnosed with BPPV (a treatable form of vertigo), and lived alone with no one to help or console me during such a traumatic time. I lost all my artist development clients since they lost their jobs and could no longer afford mentoring. My family lives in San Diego and because of the pandemic, we couldn’t fly to see each other. What a year.

However! The gifts and life lessons that came from that misery have been worth their weight in gold. I’ve remained in therapy and can proudly say I’m now a better, stronger, happier me, because of it all. There’s nothing I’d change and in fact, from these events came an unexpected surge of inspiration! I found myself writing new songs on a daily basis. Before I knew it, I had written the album that I’m about to release this October; my 10th album. So far, I've released a new single every month since March beginning with 'See Me Cry' then 'Sha La La Love'. May was 'Choosing Boys', then June was 'Man of God' and 'Showing Up (Hustle Pie)' was released last month. All the songs can be downloaded on Apple Music and streamed on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and YouTube. You can also check out my entire 2005-current catalog only on my website.

I continued to play live at The Listening Room (Nashville’s #1 songwriter venue) until they temporarily shut down because of COVID. Then I was right back playing again the week they opened back up and haven’t stopped since. I got the opportunity to play their weekly residency for a while, but I currently have a standing gig there at the last Friday of each month. I perform a lot for private and corporate events but most often, you can find me playing at The Listening Room Café, both in Nashville and in Pigeon Forge, TN! Just don’t forget to “Bring the crew and wear your BLUE!”

Around the last time we spoke I made the decision to leave my local modeling/acting agency, and now I'm happily signed with Presence Models and Talent out of Atlanta, GA. Even through the pandemic, I acted in a Honda commercial and did some runway shows for Chico’s clothing as well as bridal runway shows. (The DJ even played my music as I walked down the runway in wedding dresses, it was surreal!) For a short while, I picked up a part-time job working at a furniture store, and I continued running my artist development and mentoring agency, IAUM, which stands for ‘I Am Unashamedly Me; inspirational career coaching for all ages and stages of life! I also signed four sync-licensing deals, with the goal of getting my songs in TV/film. It hasn’t happened yet, but I have faith!

Alyssa Jacey Choosing Boys Album Cover

For those who might be discovering you for the first time...what's with you and the color BLUE?

I remember the day we fell in love, blue and I ;) haha I was 16. My first car was brown and had paint chipping off it. I was at the paint shop, going through a book of 5,000 colors. I remember passing red, orange, yellow, green…nothing stood out. I got to the blue section and there it was. Standing out amongst all the swatch shades was Highlight Blue Pearl; Royal Blue with an Opal coating. It was stunning. From that moment forward, I started wearing more blue, decorated future apartments with mostly blue furniture, my 2nd car was blue, as was my 3rd, and by the time I started singing and performing live at 25 years old, I had unknowingly branded myself as the blue girl.

I started calling my fans the Blue Crew and came up with the phrase, “Bring the crew and wear your blue” which means for everyone to bring their friends (aka "the crew") to the shows and deck themselves out in their favorite shades of blue! But it wasn’t just for my benefit. One month after I started singing back in February 2005, my grandma passed away from Alzheimer’s. I vowed right then and there that if I were ever blessed with the ability to give back through music, I’d do it through wearing blue and donate portions of ticket and merch sales to the Alzheimer’s Association.

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve been donating not only through ticket and merch sales, but also through exercise using an app called Charity Miles every time I walk or run, plus, any purchases I make on go towards Alzheimer’s research as well. That’s why it is so important to “Bring the crew and wear your BLUE!” to my shows! It has been fun to see all the blue outfits people have come up with over the years – some have even dyed their hair, which is SO cool! Just by throwing on a blue shirt, blue dress, any article of blue shaded clothing, you are helping me make a difference. Plus, it’s a way for us all to connect with each other! So #BringTheCrewandWearYourBLUE, #BlueCrew!

 Is it true you're working on a new album?

Yes. I chose 22 songs out of 40 to record for my 10th album. After 17+ years in the industry, playing over 4,000 shows all over the world, hosting over 3,000 other artists in writer’s nights, turning 40, coming out of divorce and making some serious life altering changes in many areas, music being one of them, it’s time for a change and that change is creating and releasing this multi-genre (pop, blues, country, reggae, Americana, rap) 10th album. I won’t stop until you hear these songs on Netflix, Hallmark, in commercials or in movies.

While my fans did an outstanding job and helping me raise around $10K, unfortunately, that won't cover the cost to record/release 22 songs. So, sadly, I had to cut back to 11 songs, and now I’m looking to raise an additional, final $5K to cover recording costs, promotion and artwork.

If I could just reach another $5K, I could fulfill this dream of mine! For anyone who wants to donate, they can do so by visiting my Go Fund Me page. Thank you in advance to anyone who donates! 

Alyssa Jacey I Want It To Rain Album Cover

You recently tried the new Rhythm Sparkling Hemp Beverages. Which was your favorite? Do you miss the the old Rhythm labels with the soft matte finish?

LOVED the Rhythm Energy (Grapefruit Rosemary)! I could drink one a day. I do miss the soft, matte finish like a lot, lol, I loved those cans! But the flavor of these new ones are next level!

Where can people find you and hear your music?

You can 'like' and 'follow' me on Facebook, and Instagram, and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’m on Twitter and TikTok but barely use them, but you can find me there, too!

Also, sign up for my newsletter for free at ReverbNation so you can get monthly (sometimes weekly) updates and ‘Blue Crew’ fan perks!

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