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Have You Been Making These 3 Sleep Habit Mistakes? 

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You might be one of two sleep personalities.

Either you wish there were more hours during the night for sleep, or more hours during the day to work! However you look at it, sleep plays a major role in your daily productivity level. We had better sleep cycles at night for more productive days in mind when creating our Rhythm Dream Sleepy Time Seltzer!

Closing your eyes and counting sheep just isn’t enough anymore, not with the added modern day stresses. Research has shown us that both CBD and melatonin can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

If you’re guilty of these 3 sleep habit mistakes, you might consider grabbing yourself a Rhythm Dream 4-pack to help you course correct!

Consistently believing that you can function on zero.

Sometimes the classic “oh I’ll be fine” on a Monday night rolls all the way to Friday. Telling yourself you’ll be okay on just a few hours of sleep every night has more of an impact than you’d expect. A lack of sleep impairs your creativity, problem-solving skills, and memory.

If you’re staying up late to catch up on work each night, you’re only hindering yourself for the next day. Generally, most people need between 6-8 hours of sleep every night.

We know it’s not hard to convince yourself that you’re superhuman, especially when you're young. But the regular humans around you need you to get some sleep - aka, your co-workers, kids, and the barista you see every morning. 

Refusing to seek out help.

Do you struggle to fall asleep, but feel there isn’t a safe and non-pharmacological way to make things easier?

Well, let us clear this up for you! When we set out to create an end of day beverage to relax you and cut down your time til sleep, we didn’t take any shortcuts.

Our Rhythm Dream has 15mg of hemp extract and 5mg of melatonin. Our broad-spectrum hemp extract is 100% USA grown and has been nano-emulsified to produce high bioavailability and rapid onset. Also, all flavors, colors, and sweeteners are natural and plant-based. We take pride in crafting our beverages so that you can enjoy them with zero consequences.

This synergistic melatonin and hemp combination is a natural remedy designed to lull you into bedtime bliss and improve your body's ability to sleep better. We reach for help in many areas of life, and sleep should be no exception!

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Sleep quality vs. quantity. 

Your level of “sleepiness” actually has more to do with how you’re sleeping.

Sleep quality can be impacted by many different things, such as what you ate before bed, how much light was shining in your eyes, and stress levels. It’s so important to pay attention to how you feel and what might be contributing to your quality of rest.

In the same way we might monitor which foods react well with our body, monitoring what affects our sleep makes a huge difference.

As we said before, melatonin and CBD can actually help you stay asleep and avoid waking up all night. This is what makes our Rhythm Dream your best friend on nights when you just need a little help!

Don’t just take our word for it! Listen to business gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk and Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, talk about how sleep is directly related to professional success.

And to purchase our blackberry lavender sleepy-time seltzer, just click below. Happy sleeping!

This post was written by Nicole Nettell. Nicole is a sobriety advocate and the writer behind Everseeking Copy. To work with her, visit

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