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Ian Monat - Aug 17 2020 - 3 min read

Product Review:
SōMATIK Cannabis Infused Coffee 

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Shelter in place has been in effect here in the San Francisco Bay Area in one form or another since mid-March. In those 6 months I've taken advantage of the hiking around the Bay Area, mostly in the East Bay and the North Bay. But when I learned about a hike right in the middle of San Francisco that lets you hike amongst the clouds and see Fairy Houses, I had to check it out...and of course bring along some edibles.   

Wake And...Sip?

SōMATIK Cannabis Infused Coffee

SōMATIK 1:1 CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee

It was a morning hike so it felt appropriate to bring along some infused coffee. I decided to make a cold brew coffee to go using a coffee from a San Francisco-based edibles company called SōMATIK. I frequently use THC and CBD together so their 1:1 blend appeals to me, it's a 4oz bottle with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD. I poured it into my Yeti roadie along with ice, local half and half, a pinch of monk fruit and a dollop of whip cream for fun. 

SōMATIK Cannabis Infused Coffee

I made my coffee using the whole 4oz bottle and set out on my journey to San Francisco (don't worry I wasn't driving!). I thought about taking just a half bottle bottle because the half way point is so clearly marked on the side of the SōMATK bottle allowing for easy microdosing, but the drink would have been too small for me, only 2oz of coffee. 

Hike Entrance Sutro Forest San Francisco California

I arrived at the trailhead, which you can find by searching for Sutro Forest in Google Maps. I could already feel a small, euphoric body high blanketing over me. I was getting excited, I could tell the scenery was going to be breathtaking even before I entered the forest. 

Hiking the Sutro Forest San Francisco California

The hike was pretty magical, and the tall forest kept me cool on a brutally hot Bay Area day.

Fairy House in the Sutro Forest San Francisco California

The coffee had kicked into high gear and was true to its claims - I was feeling uplifted and relaxed as I meandered the forest. The CBD took the edge off too, I never got too high. I was certainly entertained and fascinated by these little Fairy Houses that I came across. Each one was different, and some of them were pretty clever. Hikers who had come before me had created little scenes using toys and crafts, kinda like dioramas. I couldn't help thinking this particular hike and infused coffee was a perfect pairing.

Packaging: The SōMATIK packaging is attractive and keeps you very well informed as to the effects you should expect when consuming the product. I like the story of the coffee too, how it's sourced form the well-known Ritual Coffee in SF. I love my coffee, so I'd prefer if the bottle was slightly larger, like 6oz, but the same dose.  

Taste: The coffee itself is black so it's naturally bitter, and THC and CBD oil is bitter on top of that. So the coffee is high quality and tastes smooth and rich, but plan to add a little cream and sugar, or whatever you typically use to dress your coffee.  

Effects: This was a really fun edible, the appropriate dose, quick onset, and a perfect activity enhancer. The addition of the CBD works great for me, but if you're all in on THC, SōMATIK has a 10mg THC version with no CBD that you might like.

Conclusion: Between the quality of the coffee and the entourage effect of the THC & CBD, this is a wonderful weekend activity enhancer and I'd recommend picking up a bottle before your next hike. 

Rhythm CBD Seltzers has no affiliation with SōMATIK